​                                                   Locum tenens

The phrase “Locum Tenens” means “place holder” in Latin, and refers to a substitute physician.  LocumTenens physicians are used when the regular physician is away for vacation, illness, seminar attendance, or any other reason.  
One of the major causes of brown-out or burn-out for Chiropractic Physicians is a lack of time away from the practice.  ChiroConsultants provides qualified Doctors of Chiropractic to serve as short-term or long-term Locum Tenens.  ChiroConsultants also provides proof of current licensure and malpractice insurance, a fee schedule and estimate of any additional expenses, and a written agreement between the substitute and regular physician.
Rather than closing your practice during your absence or referring patients to a friend down the road, maintain a full schedule with a competent Locum Tenens.  Even if you are in a group practice, you may avoid scheduling patients when you are away because you don’t want to over-burden your partner who already has a busy schedule.  Maintain a full schedule, don’t miss any new patients, cover your overhead, and enjoy your time away.  Call 402-413-5552 today to schedule coverage for your practice.
All services provided by a Locum Tenens are billed under the regular physician’s NPI and provider numbers.  The Locum Tenens does not have to be a provider of the same insurance panels as the regular physician.   A Locum Tenens cannot have his/her own practice. The substitute physician’s status is that of independent contractor, not an employee, and is paid on a per diem or fee-for-time basis.

In the event of covering for a deceased provider, Locum Tenens status does not apply. The doctor covering the deceased provider's practice must bill all services under the covering physician's status and provider numbers. Dr. Vander Broek is a provider for Medicare, Medicaid, SecureCare, and all major insurers except UnitedHealthcare.
Medicare allows a Locum Tenens to provide services up to 60 continuous calendar days.  The regular physician identifies the Locum Tenens’ services with modifier Q6 (services provided by a locum tenens physician).  The regular physician must keep on file a record of each service along with the substitute physician’s NPI.  This record should be available to Medicare if it is requested, but does not have to be routinely provided.  It is not necessary to provide the substitute physician’s NPI on the claim form. 
Medicare Guidelines for Locum Tenens

The following information is copied from the 2017 WPS website for Jurisdiction J5, Part B Providers:

Modifier Q6 Fact Sheet:

Definition: Services furnished by a locum tenens physician.

Appropriate Usage

* When a physician agrees to see patients of another physician under arrangements of the original physician 
* The regular physician is not available to see patients 
* The patient arranges or seeks service of their regular physician 
* Short term coverage provided, under 60 calendar days 

Inappropriate Usage

* When the physician is covering for an absence of a long term
* The substitute physician has his/her own practice, or is employed in another practice
* When the substitute and regular physicians are in the same group
​* In the event of a deceased physician