Dr. Vander Broek recently covered my office during a vacation and, a short time later, following a surgery.  It was such a relief finding someone so knowledgeable, experienced and qualified to treat my patients in my absence.  My staff found him very easy to work with and he did an excellent job of treating patients that are very used to always seeing me.   When I recently had to be out of town for a long weekend I secured the services of Dr. Vander Broek yet again.  I have found that there is no reason to inconvenience patients and lose money in my absence when there is such a qualified option available.  I will definitely be using Dr. Vander Broek for any future absence.
-- Brad Stauffer D.C.

Dr. Vander Broek;

I wanted to thank you again for filling in and running my practice in my absence.  I heard nothing but good things from the patients you treated.  I am back to work and things are going good and it feels great to be back.  If you ever need a recommendation feel free to use me.  

                                                    -- Dr. C.A., Nebraska

Dr. Vander Broek recently listed and sold my practice for me in Altoona, Iowa. From the very beginning, he was very helpful and knowledgeable about how to effectively list my practice. He completed a business valuation and advised me of a listing price.  He marketed my practice and found the perfect buyer! The entire process was very smooth and I was able to sell my practice for near list price in just a few months! The brokerage fee was extremely low compared to other listing agents that I researched. If you are in the market to sell your practice, consider listing with ChiroConsultants!
Dr. Melanie Godfrey

As I do more speaking and traveling, finding clinic coverage is a must.  Dr. Doug not only took care of a heavy load of patients, but my life was so much easier when I was back to work on Monday and I had NO FIRES to PUT OUT.  Patients and Team loved him.

                   -- Dr. Mike Southwick, Beatrice, Nebraska​​

Dr. Vander Broek,
I want to thank you for crafting a business agreement for the new doctor I recently added to my practice.  The document you created was fair to both of us as it is one that I would have felt comfortable signing if I was the independent contractor.  You were prompt and efficient in such a professional manner that I would most certainly recommend you to my colleagues.
Thanks Again,

Robert Krugman, D.C., C.C.S.P., C.C.E.P.
Past President, NCPA

Wayne, Nebraska

In April of 2014 I found myself in a predicament; one of the doctors in our office had a rather unusual accident and fractured his right hand.  He had to have surgery on his hand to pin and cast the damaged bone.  I was able to call upon Dr. Vander Broek and his company to fill in as a locum tenens.  He was fair, affordable, and conducted himself in a very professional manner.  His knowledge of having a locum tenens was very thorough.  He carries his own malpractice  insurance, is a member of SecureCare, was able to help us out on how to bill out for the services legally and accurately.  The peace of mind and help he was able to give us was relieving.  I would highly recommend his services to anyone in the chiropractic community.
​-- Dr. David Kassmeier, Norfolk, NE