PRACTICE COVERAGE by LOCUM TENENS/ Fee-For-Time compensation Arrangement

Qualified, experienced Doctors of Chiropractic are available to cover your practice for vacation, illness, seminar attendance, or time off for any reason.  Licensed and insured in Nebraska and Iowa.  Reasonable daily rates.  Expense reimbursement may apply.  Call for a quote or contract proposal.

All consulting services below are on an 'ala-carte', pay-as-you-go basis.  Affordable hourly rates, no contracts.


​Dr. Vander Broek has 37 years' experience in all aspects of owning and managing a successful practice: owning a multi-doctor, multi-provider clinic, satellite clinic, buying and selling his own and other practices, commercial and residential rental property. His businesses have included sole proprietor, corporations, and partnerships.  Staff members have included other chiropractors, independent practitioners, associates, RN, MD, PTA, LPN, CNA, CMA.  Resources include documents such as rental agreements, leases, letters of intent, offers to purchase, purchase agreements, contracts for independent practitioners, associates, and employees.

His experience as a practice consultant and seminar instructor for a large national chiropractic consulting firm has provided Dr. Vander Broek with experience in a wide range of practice situations and challenges. 


The average Doctor of Chiropractic today is in 3 - 4 different practice arrangements throughout his/her practice life.  Whether you are considering practicing as an associate, independent contractor, partner, sole proprietor, or corporation, we can help with important decisions.  We can review locations, agreements, leases, financials, staffing policies and costs, or any other aspect of your current or proposed practice.  If you are considering starting, buying, selling, relocating, retiring, or just want to discuss exit strategies, we can help.


Dr. Vander Broek has worked as a claims reviewer for two national insurance companies, worked as a consultant on chiropractic malpractice cases, and served 5 years on the Nebraska Board of Chiropractic, which is the licensing and disciplinary board for Nebraska chiropractors. He currently serves as the chiropractic member of the Nebraska State Board of Health.  He can review your case notes in consultation with you or your attorney when confronted with a malpractice action, insurance review, or if you are in need of advice on diagnosis or management of a difficult or complicated case.

Dr. Vander Broek and ChiroConsultants, LLC do not provide legal, accounting, or financial management advice.  It's always best to consult the professional of your choice licensed in your state.  ChiroConsultants does not have an attorney, accountant, or financial adviser on staff.